What is Sambith?

It's a combination of personal and professional items.


We are lucky enough to have traveled quite extensively and you can take a look at our our travel section to see more of where we have been. At the moment it is limited to an extended stay we had in India in the summer of 2003.

Family and Friends

We have a section for family and friends to see photos of the wee girl in our lives. This is also a section where Marcus is doing some writing collaborations with friends who are writing books about their life experiences.

Web development

While Marcus works full-time at the new school, he is also a freelance webmaster. Although the design appearance of a site is of interest to Marcus, his strength lies more with the architectural elements of webpages and also with database interactions. On this site he uses the MySQL database. The web development section will become filled with tools that Marcus has found helpful in developing his CSS and PHP scripting. Thanks go to Eric Meyer for developing the navigation bar I used on this site.