Off Season Tourist - India Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
Two weeks in India, 2003 Notes from the Off Season Tourist
Off Season Traveler ramblings
India is impossible to summarise. Here are little parts that helped us see it.

Sharing the throne of Jahangir
– Agra Red Fort
There is a nice parallel to our time in India and the rule of the second Mughal Shah, Jahangir. The Shah devoted time to the pursuit of art. He was also devoted to his wife who shared not only his his interest in the arts, but also shared his throne in the rule of the empire.

Although Marcus was devoted to making notes throughout the trip to India, Jahangir's Throne of Writing is shared with Julie throughout our India experience. This section begins with recognition to Julie for coming up with such an appropriate section name. I love to write things down and believe that my feet, eyes and thoughts do more rambling than my writing. Even so, I could think only of stodgy names like 'OST writes' or 'OST Notes' and very sadly resorted to extravagent made-up words like, 'OST perusations.'

Julie thought about it very briefly and asked, "Why don't you call it OST rambles?"

"Brilliant." I said, although I might have seethed a little since it came to her so quickly. So here it is. A section of little jottings. Of observations and ruminations. Events that were too long to put into the two week travel diary, but too interesting to leave out.

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