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Our return to New York City

Marcus returned to New York in August 2003, and I returned to my NY life a month later in September. I started my next semester of school one day after I got back and started back at work a week later. It would be my last full semester of full time school and full time work. Yea!

This page has our favorite pictures from September to December 2003 - we took trips to Tennessee, upstate New York, and Pennsylvania. We spent weekend afternoons in Central Park or the Botanical Gardens - took rides on the Staten Island Ferry, played with our cats, and studied and worked and then studied and worked some more!

Julie's trip to Knoxville, Tennessee

Julie with Dad and Brother Joe
I went to Tennessee in September to visit my family there. I grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee and went to college there, so I still have quite a few friends and family there. I stayed with my dad and his wife, Beanie and spent lots of time with my brother Joe. We spent some time on the lake in my dad's boat -- the wind was chilly so we didn't swim.

Julie and Joe on the lake

Julie with Pedja and Vera

Some friends joined us out at a Latin music concert where we danced merengue and salsa and samba. We were actually astounded at the huge latin population in Knoxville. It's grown so much that you can now get good ethnic food supplies at Kroger's!

Julie and Whitney

I met other friends at a bar after the Tennessee football game.

The Smokey Mountains

The aerial mountain picture is a shot from the plane of the Smokey Mountains - they're part of the Appalachian Mountains and are called Smokey because of the low clouds. I really miss the mountains!

A Sunday afternoon in NYC

Lichenstein at the Met
Lichtenstein Sculptures
One Sunday in September, we went out to Central Park to see the Dali Lama speak. However, the line to get into the park was about 4000 people deep, so we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There was a really nice exhibit in the roof garden of Roy Lichtenstein sculptures.
Lichenstein at the Met
Lichtenstein House on top of Met
Lichenstein at the Met
Marcus in Central Park
Lichenstein at the Met
Lichtenstein Woman Sculpture

Trip to upstate New York with Marcus' parents


Marcus' parents, Sandie and Jim, came to visit in October. We traveled to upstate New York for three lovely days, spending time in the Catskill Mountains and Woodstock.
Julie & Sandie on the Hudson
Group 1
Barn in mountains
Julie and Sandie
Sandie wearing a bindi

Hanging out with the boys

I had the pleasure of hanging out a few times in NYC with the IIMC exchange students, Nakul, Nimish and Vivek.
India Boys
Relaxing in New York
Group 1
The handsome Nakul in NYC
Group 1
Nimish and his ever-present grin

Lichenstein at the Met
Nakul and Statue of Liberty

Nakul and I even rode the Staten Island Ferry from downtown Manhattan to Staten Island and back. We timed it perfectly as the sun was just starting to set as we took off. Although it was windy and cold, the view of the Statue of Liberty and downtown Manhattan were worth it!
SI Sunset
Julie and Nakul on the SI Ferry

Greg's Visit

Group 1
Greg and Julie
Group 1
Julie and Greg with Carson Kressley (from "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy")

My friend Greg came into town from Tennessee, and he joined Nakul and me for the ferry ride and some more sightseeing later that weekend. We met Carson Kressley in a bar in Chelsea - Greg and he actually have a mutual friend from Knoxville so we talked to him for awhile. He let me play with his little puppy, Nemo, for 10 minutes while he took a call outside. Honestly, he was the nicest guy!

Greg on Brooklyn Bridge
Greg and Marcus in Brooklyn

Christmas in Pennsylvania

Traditional Pennsylvanian Pierogy Making
Marcus and I went out to my aunt and uncle's house in Pennsylvania for Christmas. The first night we were there, I was instantly put to work making pierogies, which are Polish dumplings. My aunt Susan and three of her buddies have been getting together every December for 10 years to make pierogies from scratch. My mom Diane drove up from South Carolina and also arrived in time to help out. With 6 pairs of hands we really cranked them out - I think we made close to 400! It was a blast!


My cousin David in concert
My cousin Dave is in a chamber choir and they had a concert the Monday before Christmas. We were blown away by how great they were. They're going to Italy in the Spring for a concert. Wish I could go with them!!
What a star!

Random Pictures

Diwali dinner
Diwali appetizers (pakoras and bajis
Marcus in the first snow storm of the season
Reflection in new building on Madison Ave.
Julie with Susan Werner - my favorite singer
Julie in Gypsy costume for Halloween
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
Jeanine looking sharp with a bindi
Marcus and Mimi
Mimi in the sink

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