Off Season Tourist - India Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
Two weeks in India, 2003 Notes from the Off Season Tourist
Pool at Tollygunge Club
A typical day in India for Julie and Marcus
Or how to get a tan in between Monsoon Rains

Many of our friends and family have wondered what Marcus and I did in India all summer long. As you can see from the above picture, we had a bit of leisure time. However, suprisingly enough, I spent a lot of my time in classes. As this activity did not appeal so much to Marcus, he spent a lot of time exploring and discovering Joka and Calcutta (or at least trying to!). Marcus actually saw much more of the city than I did, and more for that matter than many of the Indian students at IIMC who were from cities other than Calcutta.

Surya Namaskaara

For the first several weeks, we had a semi-routine of practicing yogic meditation at 7 am, eating breakfast at 9 am and then deciding what to do with the rest of the day. We want to thank Manish Singhal for his patient, calming instruction. Marcus has continued his yoga practice in New York and Julie has taken to using the mediation exercises she learned to try to de-stress after a long day of work and school.

One of the possible options if it was a nice day (besides going to classes of course) was going to "The Club", which face it, was a much more appealing option than sitting through Stratman and Sadman (Strategic Management and Sales and Distribution Management). The above pool shot is from the elite Tollygunge Club, where we were members for a month. It became our getaway from campus where we would take advantage of the pool and the gym. I also would practice my Surya Namaskaara (Sun Salutation) alongside the pool. There was rarely anyone else there during the day, so we felt as if it were our private pool!

It was also one of the only places I could get Diet Coke, so I was quite pleased. We also met a lovely couple from Australia who were in Calcutta to adopt a beautiful baby girl. Good luck to Dave, Sally, Lakshmi and Venita in Tazmania. We hope you're all doing well!

On the days when I would have classes all day, it wasn't too fun for Marcus to hang around campus. So he would often travel into Calcutta and do a little exploring. At first, we would go into the city by taxi, as it was the easiest mode of transport. Being the adventurer he was, Marcus quickly graduated to taking the taxi as far as the first subway stop and then moving within the city by subway. After a few more trips, Marcus learned how to take an auto rickshaw to a certain point where he could take the bus to the first subway stop. His last transportation experimentation involved taking the tram, which took 1 1/2 hours to get into town, but cost only 3 1/2 rupees!

Examples of our various transportation options...

Taxis outside campus Buses autorickshaws tram

For more details about Marcus' adventures in Calcutta, I direct you to the Ramblings section of the web site, where he has written more details about some experiences he had.

Meanwhile, back on campus, I was quite busy with a course load of 5 classes. Breakfast at 8 - classes - lunch at 1 - classes - studying - dinner at 8 - studying and group work until late. Ha! I'm sorry, but I can't pretend that I did nothing but study all summer.

The day was more like breakfast at 9 - classes - sunbathing on roof during lunchtime - classes - hanging out with folks, playing basketball/volleyball - dinner at 8 - more hanging out and maybe some studying or working on the website. While Marcus was with me, we would go to bed relatively early since we had yoga in the mornings. However, once he returned to New York in August, I really fell into the IIMC late-night culture. We'd stay up late watching "Southpark" or "Friends" episodes off the network. These people know how to have a good time, and my time at IIMC reminds me of what it's like to relax.

I actually did a bit of studying - more than is expected of exchange students - and really enjoyed all my classes, professors, and interactions with other students. For information on these classes and my academic experience at IIMC, please travel to the IIMC Academics page.

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