Off Season Tourist - India Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
Two weeks in India, 2003 Notes from the Off Season Tourist
Thank you, 39th and 40th Batch.
For everything!

Sunset at Monsoon Palace
An Indian Horizon...
I want to thank everyone who contributed to the “broadening of my cultural horizons…” Without you guys taking the time to explain cultural differences to me, or correcting my Hindi pronunciation, or just talking with me about social issues, I would not have developed this strong interest in “all things Indian.” You’ve helped me open a door into understanding (however basically) what makes 1.2 billion people around the world tick. Not only will these skills be valuable to me as a global manager, but more importantly as a human being. I will never forget this summer and more importantly, will always remember the friends I made at IIM, Calcutta.

Here's a list of just a few of the things about IIMC that I already miss about IIMC...

* The students and the IIMC community. You have something special here. I hope you realize it and can appreciate it. Once you’re in the “real world”, you’ll miss it very much!

* The thumping on the desks that you do when something’s funny or clever in class (I’ve NEVER seen that before!)

* Waking up to the sound of the birds outside my window

Cormorants in a palm tree
* Sunbathing on the roof of H1 – just me and the Indian Cormorants, herons, crows and hawks – and no one understanding WHY I would want to lie out in the sun voluntarily (I still never got any darker than any of you!!!).

* Going to an Indian tailor with Sadha for salwar kameez

* Yaquta’s awesome laugh

* Learning on the first day of MoC that the prof has a love/hate relationship with the USA but still managing to develop a relationship with him based on mutual respect

* Learning Hindi – thanks to my many teachers!

On DH Road
Going to town with Gagan AND his helmet...
* Going into the city with Gagan on his bike to do some shopping…only to get pulled over on Park Street because he wasn’t wearing his helmet and then have the bike impounded because he didn’t have his license! Never a dull moment with Paaji!

* Anita’s dancing and her sweetness

* The animated discussions in MoC – and learning the reason one person in particular was always so dogmatic (“Julie, I have to come on so strong because I never read the cases!”) That explains sooooo much about so many discussions in classes at IIMC!

* When it rains and shines sun at the same time

Freshman girls
Julie with some of the best athletes on campus -- Shraddha, Sam, Mridula, and Nidhi

* Playing sports during WW with the OH gals (Ooooohhhhhh rawks!) and actually ENJOYING throwball when I thought it would be boring and not at all challenging

* Getting to know more of the junior girls during the abovementioned WW sports
Julie and cow
Love the cows!

* Cows in the road.

* Egg paranthas at 2 a.m.

* Dancing at the OH parties and headbanging to JBS BaroC

* Kayaking on Dimna Lake in the middle of blinding monsoon rains
Spanish class
Profesora Julia con Anuj, Archana, Chaki - Samik took the photo!

* Teaching Spanish to my class of five – have fun in Madrid guys!

* Reading the cribs (and the praise) on the bb

* Paying 5 rupees (10 cents US) for a cup of coffee

* Watching the chipkalis (lizards) on the walls pounce on the dragonflies

OH dogs
Scooby, Scrappy and Patches

* Playing with the OH hostel dogs: Scooby, Scrappy, Patches and Dolly. Please, somebody play with them every once in awhile! All they want is pats on the head and the occasional tug-of-war with a sock!
Howrah Bridge
Love the Howrah Bridge!

* Walks around campus and visiting the campus' Howrah Bridge

* How the campus looks and feels when it rains!

* Watching the kittens learn to pounce on bugs
Julie at local restaurant
Julie wearing a bindi

* The crazy traffic. I think I’ve finally gotten used to it and now it’s time to go!

* Students helping me out when sick – there were a couple of times when some of you went for medicine, or soda water, or toast… you were all so sweet to help take care of me! Although I wonder how much of your efforts were altruism and what percentage was because you were afraid the exchange student would die and it would look bad for the Institute! Just kidding!

* Being the only girl in a wing full of facchas (you guys rule!)

* Wearing bindis (although I could try to set a new fashion trend in NY!)

I wrote the above list my last week in India. I've been back in New York for a couple of months and can still say that I miss all these things and so many more. IIMC is a very special place and I am a better person for having spent time there. So many of the students have left huge imprints on my heart and soul and I hope that our friendships continue to grow.

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