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Hi - Julie here! This section of our Indian website is intended to serve two purposes. The first is to provide information and observations for future Baruch College students participating in the Baruch/IIMC exchange program. I was the inaugural student (read: guinea pig) from Baruch, and as the first one to make the 9000 mile trek, I hope to be able to provide insight for future students. Click the links above in the blue bar to switch between the different pages about IIMC.

The second purpose for this IIMC section is to give my friends and family around the world a sense of what the heck I did during my 11 weeks in Calcutta.

If you're a student trying to decide if IIM Calcutta is right for you, I hope these pages can help you make your decision. It won't be right for everyone, but in my case, it was such a great experience that I really could have envisioned myself staying for another term. But I came back to New York, to my wonderful life here, because there's a time and a place for everything. My time right now is here in New York. However, I will never forget my time at "Jokaland" and more importantly, the people who welcomed me, let me integrate into their lives and their culture, and made me feel like a "real" PGP2 student.

If you are a student preparing to go to IIMC on the exchange program, I suggest you check out the Questions & Answers page. It has a few recommendations as to how to prepare and pack for the trip. I also included some questions and answers that came from email communications with a student coordinator at IIMC and other answers from a former exchange student.

I also recommend that you read an article I was asked to write for the school online magazine; it's about my preliminary observations of the student community here at IIMC. The subtitle, "Coming of age in Joka" refers not to me but rather to the Indian students at IIMC. I think I was channeling Margaret Mead when I wrote it.

Otherwise, there's no specific order for the pages. You could just start on the IIMC Introduction page and read through from there as you see fit.

There are many wonderful things about IIMC that I miss dearly. Here's a list of these things, which I actually wrote the week before I left campus.

Also, there's quite a bit of information on the IIMC internet site, which can be very helpful. The website and extranets are entirely student-run and they do a fantastic job. Throughout these pages, I'll add reference links that will take you to specific sections in the IIMC site. Here's the IIMC home page if you'd like to go directly there, or to the STEP page (Student Exchange Program).

If you're curious to see what Marcus and I have been up to since we left India, check out our Life after India page.

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