Off Season Tourist - India Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
Two weeks in India, 2003 Notes from the Off Season Tourist
Rear view of the Taj Mahal
Intro to our 2 week trip section
A summary of where we went and what we did before living in Kolkata

When we were in New York planning our trip to India, we were thankful for all the personal websites that people had developed describing their own trips to India. These journeys gave us an idea of what to expect realistically and helped us make decisions about where we could realistically travel in such a short time period.

We developed this site primarily so that friends and family of ours all over the world could see our adventure from New Delhi to Agra, through Rajasthan and over to West Bengal. While we were in Calcutta for Julie's MBA exchange program, we took a few trips, such as a trip to Bodhgaya - the place where Buddha attained enlightenment. These trips will be listed in this two week section because they fit better here than anywhere else.

It is also our hope that it will be helpful to future travelers who are interested in learning more about traveling in India.

We are still not done with the Darjeeling and Bodhgaya sections, but they will be done soon.

Love, Julie and Marucs

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